Hypercard on an HP TC1100


I’m absolutely in love with it.

Here are some excerpts in native dithertastic resolution.

The TC1100 supports a native screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The original Mac features a 512×342 pixel resolution.

I’m running a customized build of Mini vMac that I tailored to run on the TC1100. You can also run standard Mini vMac in magnify mode which runs at 2x.

I’m currently using xmonad with the latest ubuntu, 32bit.

I’m using Hypercard version 1.2.5 and Mac OS version 6.0.8.

The disk images that the mac uses are all in a subversion repository to minimize the potential of data corruption and sketchbook loss.

I run a custom compiled version on a macintosh as well for taking screenshots and uploading. Both variants are available for download below, but are provided entirely without warranty. The build process is actually rather easy if you’d prefer to make your own Mini vMac variant.  The only thing that has to be changed aside from the standard build process is line 45 of CNFGGLOB.h must be changed:

#define EnableMouseMotion 0

or else the stylus does not work correctly in the emulated mac.  Or just download the binary.  I could probably make a winXP binary or provide source for that if someone needed it.

The TC1100 does support basic pressure sensitivity.  Hypercard does not.

This is all possible thanks to Mini vMac. Donate to them if you end up using this stuff.

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    [...] about one minute, but can be explored endlessly. It was presented to other gamejam attendees on a HP TC1100, with a mouse and no keyboard at double [...]


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