after effects bug reports

Well we didn’t expect this to blow up quite like it did, we made the front page of proggit and motionographer‘s sidebar! We’ve been writing these little crash reports for a while and probably will continue to do so. Figured we might as well own up here on the site proper, so

here are the antics in question.

In a similar vein is our collection of ae error messages.

Hilariously, the Adobe team contacted us today in a most friendly way and we’re in talks to get some of these issues ironed out. Have a wonderful day everyone, thanks for reading!

  1. hockeyaddicts 8.14.09 / 6pm

    Those are hilarious. I wish I had the time to write out such hilarious reports. But the man says I have to ignore them and work.

    Would you send me a stick to hit the man with?


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