adaptive shift lock prototype

aslp3picture-1.pngaslp2aslp proto 1

Traditional computer drawing tools since the days of hypercard have had shift lock. In laymen’s terms it means you can draw with a pencil anywhere you want, then if you hold down shift it will lock the line to horizontal or vertical, since people often like to draw those and have them look nice. Years later some smarty pantses invented a smarter way of doing things that would let you lock your lines to convenient common increments like 15°, 30°, and 270°. I think an insaner way of doing things might be to have the computer predict whatever direction you are drawing in, and then continue in that auspice. Thusly and with some math help from my good friend, I have a quick an dirty prototype of how it works. check out the demo here

  1. ben 2.7.09 / 4pm

    Bravo! Fun to use, a “duh” moment. As in “why hasn’t this always been in the toolbox, duh”
    hurrgh, Ben


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