all the wrong priorities

I would define “getting a bite to eat” as amateur grade procrastination.

Putting something off until tomorrow is probably just regular procrastination.

Coming up with elaborate things that have to be done right now is high end procrastionation, and having a death in the family is professional grade.

Today, I was going to do a drawing of the Seattle skyline as a favor. It was going to require some perspective and some custom composition.


The easiest way to do it would have been to find a picture of Seattle on an image search, print it, and draw it from there.


The second easiest way would have been to go onto Google Earth and pick the perspective I wanted, with the buildings in the right place, take a screenshot, print it, and draw from that.


For some damn reason, however, what I decided to do is this: I decided to fire up my windows boot partition, install weird beta software, and manually extract the 3d buildings from google earth, scale them up by a factor of 10^9, run them through ArtOfIllusion, Blender, and a trial version of some Deep Right Hemisphere thingy to convert them from .obj to dxf to .skp without crashing, and then paste in my extra 3d models, dump that into photoshop, scale it print it and then draw it.I need to streamline that workflow.

Oh but the software is OGLE and its highly recommended by me. I kind of want to write eyebeam and see if they’ll let me come over and work on building a reprap and if anyone needs a 3d model of seattle, I might be able to hook it up.

  1. Shred "theodore" Logan 12.4.07 / 5pm

    That happens to not be my web site, but uhhh, I wonder if this is going to go through or not. Last time your website didn’t let my message go through, mayhaps because it was to righteious. wow talk about mispelling again and again.


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