retrovir13This is a simple concept, but one that I haven’t seen addressed before. Also well beyond my desire to make at the moment. Propose to write a beneficent virus.The label “retrovirus” probably isn’t appropriate from PC terminology, since the definition I found described it as a virus that attacks antivirus software.anyway here’s how I see it working: spreads via email attachment, executes some exploit code to gain access privileges. Checks against some host servers maybe, or access to McAfee virus update lists. Scans registry of self-infected computer for Other infections. Shuts down botnet connections, cleans out viruses, repairs exploits, isolates trojan horses, generally cleans up the system, hacks outlook express, emails itself to everyone on list, deletes self. Nice and sneaky. Antivirus on acid. Free. If anyone runs with this or knows of an existing example, please let me know. I was unable to find anything similar.retrovir12retrovir11


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