ultra subtle retro mac 512k game wallpapers

We have a new diversion: making large size wallpapers out of tiny black and white mac games. We started with an old favorite of ours: Beyond Dark Castle.This should be some candy for any of us sick of waiting for [return to dark castle]. These are made in 1680×1050 which is my main screen size these days, if you have a request for a different res, or a specific game, let us know and we’ll try to make one up.Oh yeah. usual disclaimer. I don’t own any of this imagery but am hoping these developers will be cool enough to let me make these, and it should all be covered by the CSL, or the TCL. This project is all about showing love for the classics.

dark bgs

Beyond Dark Castle: Black Forest

bdc_forestb[1680x1050] [1440x900] [1024x768]

Cosmic Osmo: Planet Whatever

osmo_wide[1680x1050] [1440x900]

Loom: Opening Panorama

loom_intro[1680x1050] [1440x900]

Lemmings: Trees Level

lemmings_forest[1680x1050] [1440x900]

Dungeon of Doom

dungeondoom1[1680x1050] [1440x900] [1024x768]

Dungeon of Doom: Level 40

dungeondoom2[1680x1050] [1440x900] [1024x768]

Armor Alley


3 in Three: CPU


light bgs

The Fool’s Errand: Prologue

foolserrand1[1680x1050] [1440x900]

Stuntcopter: Level 11

stuntcopter1[1680x1050] [1440x900]

ps: super bonus that you probably weren’t expecting!!!maps of all the levels for Beyond Dark Castle. Pixel-accurate. errrr Almost. starting with:[east labyrinth (intermediate)][east labyrinth (advanced)]

  1. Maedi 4.9.09 / 5am

    Awesome! A modern take on old illustrations. Thank you

  2. Thom 10.30.10 / 7pm

    Very cool work indeed. Thanks for the creative interpretations.

  3. xApple 2.4.12 / 1pm

    This is really awesome. Thanks a lot ! My favorite one is definitely the StuntCopter. I set it as my desktop picture.

    How about one with the Prince of Persia ?

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